The Brexit Times are a Changing for Consumer Rights

So, the man who would be king has finally got his wish,

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surrounded by the most sickening display of false sentiment toward the previous incumbent,

whilst sycophants lay before the king, anxious to do his bidding.

The Cabinet is locked and loaded, narrow and defined, ready to wreak its doctrine on a largely unsuspecting and apathetic public.

On the morning after the nightmare day before, I flew into London. As we flew over the leafy hills of Surrey and Sussex, laid out below, was the story of one side of Britain; prosperous, sunken-swimming pools, sweeping drives and numerous horse and pony paddocks. Later, as I walked through Westminster, I saw striking civil servants; one man protesting against Climate Change, apparently on a hunger strike; the usual collection of anti-brexit protesters; on many of the streets, there were more homeless and destitute people than I had ever seen on the streets of London among the remnants of discarded protest-placards, calling out the newly installed king of Downing Street. This is the Britain of today; unequal, angry and desperate for its pain to be over.

As I walked along Whitehall a strange unusually quiet atmosphere was evident, peppered by the distant European flags and that man with the megaphone. Passing by the great offices of State, I saw new Junior Ministers, grinning from ear to ear and being congratulated by other men in suits.

On the day Johnson was elected as leader of the Tory Party, I received a text from someone who stated: "I dunno, he might be fun".

Given the now very clear statements of what is to come, we may all need that bit of fun, but not from our new Prime Minister. In the hours that followed, my discussions were all about the 'Britannia Unchained" mob, now ensconced around the top table. Expect that bonfire of regulations, the very regulations that underpin just about every consumer activity you engage with every day. Expect a very clear change toward Human Rights, foreign adventures and becoming very much a vassal of the United States. If you consume the product of the NHS, standby to enter into an Insurance-based product; the same will happen in social care. Strong stuff you may say, but I reserved the very best until last; a snap General Election, ordered whilst the main opposition Party is locked in Committee after Committee about matters that shouldn't be issues in a dynamic, progressive and outward looking society. Watch the build up to that election, the denials that it will be called early and the scare-mongering and increased personal attacks on opposition politicians.

This is all part of the agenda of #GenerationBritanniaUnchained!

Even in the build-up to the arrival of the king, some of your Consumer Rights have already been curtailed for Brexit Day, through the Statutory Instruments passed; only another thousand or so to go!

I feel like John the Baptist, strolling through the desert these past 3 years, guiding, advising, trying to get anyone to listen or engage in the issue of Consumer Rights. But nothing, very few re-tweets, no discussion, no engagement to speak about. All you see are discussions about blue passports, waiting in line at the airport and flags! We may be 'engaged' on the issue, but the absolute positions of #Remain or #Leave have abjectly failed to confront, test and conclude on what is best for this country.

I have come to the view that in the interests of all voters, it is time to pause Brexit - that is not as some readers may assume, to close the idea altogether. The sensible action would be to create a National Conversation; a National Consultation. Do we really understand why people voted the way they did; do we really understand membership of the EU; do we actually understand the financial impact of this potentially momentous decision? That would be the action of a responsible Prime Minister but don’t expect this rational decision to be made any time soon.

Instead, the Nation has been gifted, through this very strange coup-like exercise in democracy, with a fundamentalist, neo-liberal Cabinet. Coupled with that was the very clear message from Johnson: we will not tolerate dissent, particularly from 'doomsters' & 'naysayers' - so much for uniting the 48%?

Well I have exercised protest, lobbying and arguments for change for 20 years. That is democracy; it is time for the Prime Minister to accept this important aspect of democratic life and to stop playing to the gallery.

We shall see what the weeks and months ahead will bring for this once happy Nation, but given the voxpop's I've seen over the last couple of days, I am beginning to wonder if in fact the nation's priorities have changed and the Prime Minister we now have, is exactly what the country deserves; the return to monarchal power?