For Whom the Bells Toll - A Brexit Calumny!


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Very Clever.

Whilst #Remainers & #Leavers compete with each other for the most insulting riposte or clever hashtag, the dark lord that is Dominic Cummings has revealed the next Tory General Election strapline!

Oblivious to this fact, our media wrestle with the latest pronouncement of #ChairmanCummings, salivating no doubt in anticipation for the next Dominic Grieve put-down. Other media and politicians are waxing lyrical about the coup-d’etat to come, when in fact, an unelected #ToryPolitbureau has already been installed to the great fanfare of journalistic apathy. Other politicians are engaged in a #NationalUnity quest; if only some could mediate that solution without the their usual tribal political loathing for each other. And still, as I write this, the 'opposition' in Parliament appear to be incapable of working together; perhaps I will be proved wrong?

For those of you who have abandoned your country in its hour of need, refusing to engage in anything Brexit (aka #EUDisengaged?), let me bring you up-to-date.

One of the last remaining honourable politicians left in #Westminster, the Right Honourable Dominic Grieve QC MP (ex Attorney General) is attempting at the 11th hour, to fashion a methodology on how the UK Parliament could prevent a no-deal Brexit. In the course of his commentary, we discovered that he had little common ground with Dominic Cummings and his approach to a no-deal brexit. Grieve described Cumming’s tactics on the issue, as demonstrating a ‘characteristic arrogance and ignorance’.

It was interesting to see the Media perched outside #ChairmanCummings London flat, (where they there opportunistically or was it a tip off that ‘He’ was about to speak?). In response to Grieve, Cumming’s rejected the ‘arrogance’ & ‘ignorance’ label and reportedly said: “the Prime Minister believes that politicians don’t get to choose what votes they respect, that’s the critical issue”.

So let’s think about this. Under the cover of the ‘Prime Minister thinks’ (he’s the one with the title who thinks he’s the compere of ‘Sale of the Century’), Cumming’s provides us with the high moral opinion that Members of Parliament cannot simply chose which votes they can respect or for that matter ignore. He is however silent on the issue of respecting or ignoring a sizeable majority who disagreed with the EU Referendum result!

Now I’m no great fan of the workings of the Institution that is Westminster, but in its defence, I think we can all agree that MP’s do not ignore votes, which is why they are so keen on the absurd ‘first past the post’ system, the very system it now seems is being argued as justification for a very narrow and important constitutional vote now precipitating a no-deal Brexit. That’s leaving to one side how the actual EU Referendum was supposed to be advisory (forget the hapless Cameron who promised he would abide and promptly exited stage left), and how MP’s actually fail to implement their own manifesto’s, or take real action for and on behalf of victims & survivors; you know, the really important issues that affect people’s lives?

So while Dom Jr cements-in his love of the first past the post system, he has planted the principal Tory seed of the General-Election-to-come and the chaotic division he intends to create between the People and its Sovereign Parliament; do you remember how successful he was by creating the mantra, ‘Take back Control’? The #EUDisengaged? and perhaps the gullible amongst us, want to be willingly sold, for the second time, a convenient untruth about our system.

The truth of our system is that it is legitimate to oppose; legitimate to campaign a position or find legal devices to win or defeat an argument. Our parliamentary system, for all its faults, is not about absolutism, it’s about challenge and the ability to persuade people to change their minds and above all, to protect the very core, the very heart of the Nation.

You cannot overstate the danger our country is in, both socially and politically, particularly when you have a political disruptor like Cummings in Downing Street; the Bannon/Bolton spectre of the UK?

Given the general apathetic attitude of the British people and its politicians, it’s perhaps no surprise that someone as ordinary as Cumming's has been allowed to rise to the top; every community, company or board-room has one.

Why is this even important? The words and actions of #ChairmanCummings will affect every aspect of your lives, even your basic daily activities found in #ConsumerRights. The UK will pay a heavy price for this folly, the folly of englishness; the folly of english people failing to engage in politics.

For me, the issue is not what happens now or in the next couple of months, the calumny that is Brexit, or indeed what further utterances we should expect to hear from Cumming’s, but to think ahead and plot the next campaign. As a second Referendum slips away, the important campaign has to be the Campaign for Article 49 of the TEU; the return & redemption of the United Kingdom into the heart of the European Union. It is a battle worth fighting for.